Viola For Sale

I am selling my Robert Brode viola. It was made by in 1992, while Brode was working in the Philadelphia shop of Clifford Roberts (signed by Brode, as you can see in the picture below). Brode’s violas are in the hands of many members of the Philadelphia Orchestra, as well as the Principal Violist of the Kansas City Symphony.

I would love to see this pretty, burnished redhead find a good home. Brode’s new violas sell for $15-16k. I’m asking $12,000, which includes the case, the Schicker bow, and a Mach 1 wooden shoulder rest, and I’m very motivated to sell ASAP. I can ship anywhere within the U.S. Also happy to schedule meet-ups to try it out in the Boston area.

I’m also selling the John Sipe bow in the picture, with a bone frog. It’s a lovely bow, and at 66 grams, suitable for either violin and viola. There’s been some debate over the years about which instrument it was actually made for! At any rate, it was the bow Machold in NYC used to lend out to violinists who were borrowing a viola from them.